Reach for the Stars: Space-Inspired Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Space-inspired bedroom décor is a fun and a creative way to give your child a unique and imaginative space to sleep and play. Here are some tips on how to create a space-themed bedroom for your very own little astronaut:
1. Have Fun with the Walls: You can go all out with those beautiful deep blue and black shades!! However I would definitely recommend trying out some tester pots, size of room and lighting can effect how a paint colour will look in your own home and what works well in others won't work for everyone. Smaller sections, for example a painted border could be a great way of creating a deep and dark outer space feel without painting the whole room a dark colour. You can get really creative by adding stars, think wooden, glitter, glow in the dark. Create galaxies using wall decals or stencils. 
2.Get Creative with Bedding: There are so many space-themed designs out there, you can keep it subtle with some simple star patterned bedding or go full planets, rockets, shooting stars and astronauts. You can also re style your kids current bedding by adding colourful throws and fun pillows in the shape of rockets or planets.  
3.Add Some Space-Inspired Décor: My favourite part is adding all of those beautiful finishing touches! Large planet mobiles hanging from the ceiling, rocket shaped rugs on the floor, space themed banners and tapestries hung on the wall, shooting star shaped night lights. You can also add some educational elements with posters of the solar system. The possibilities are endless!  Don't be scared to mix up your themes either, ultimately you want a bedroom that your child will love and feel safe in, and that reflects their personality. 
Have fun and enjoy creating a space that is out of this world !