picture of the maker with one of her wooden signs reading hey there cool kid



Hi I'm Nicola, I'm the designer, the maker, the packer, the accountant and everything in between!! I'm originally from Leeds but we've relocated to the Cheshire countryside where we are renovating very slowly, I feel like a complete imposter using the word renovating, we haven't made any massive changes yet but lots of improvement 😊 
I live with my partner Gray, Two daughters 21 and 8, our 10 year old son, our 17 year old cat Max and a 2 year old Jack Russell called Willow (they tolerate each other at best). I also have an older daughter who has her own two little ones. 
I've always loved art, I'm a doodler!!! and I love an unfinished craft or upcycle (Gray does not love this) I started Bobo and the Mouse ( I'll explain the name in a bit) around three years ago when I decided to take the leap and put my kids décor creations out in to the world, I started out with Macrame with wooden frames that I used to have cut for me. The wooden element grew as I  became a little bit obsessed with designing new products and seeing them come to life,  and was what I found I enjoyed making the most. Fast forward 18 months and I purchased my very own CO2 laser cutter and I've enjoyed pretty much every minute of it! The cleaning, dusting and oiling is not the best!!!! 
a wooden flower garland in the making
My product lines have grown and continue to keep on growing, and having my own equipment has made it possible for me to try out new ideas and offer more in the way of bespoke and customisation. This was a big factor in me starting my small business those years ago, loving high street décor but feeling limited by colour options.  I've worked hard over these last few years to build up my resources so that I can offer you guys as much variation and customisation options as possible, creating the perfect fit for your little ones bedroom, nursery or playroom. 
So why Bobo and the Mouse?? I wanted a name that included the names of my youngest two children, as creating Décor for them was where this started but I didn't want to use their actual names, and they have pretty cute nicknames. I also thought the 'social media phobe' in me could stay anonymous 😂 
My best seller is my wooden 'to the moon and back' wooden wall sign, I've lost count of the number I've made. My favourite wooden sign to make is the boyhood sign (engraving is my favourite thing!) I also love combining wooden products with beautiful coloured cotton cords. I use them for hanging my buntings as well as creating coloured edging and combining embroidery. I like to create kids décor that will grow with them and have a classic and modern look ensuring your kids spaces are an extension of your interior style, working especially well when your kids and adult spaces are combined.
If you have any queries or bespoke requests please drop me an email or you can find me on social media. I also love seeing how you style my products in your own home and love featuring your pictures so please tag me on social media in your gorgeous pictures.
Nicola x