Kid Friendly Storage Solutions: Creative Ideas for Organising and Labelling Your Child's Toys and More

As a parent, keeping your child's room organised can be a daunting and never ending task. However, with the right storage solutions and labels, you can make the process easier for both you and your child.

I personally love using storage bins or baskets for storing my own kids toys, rattan baskets especially are an absolute fave here, but I've also been doing lots of research into larger scale storage systems to help keep not just their toys, games and books organised but also all of the things they use on a daily basis. The aim is to make life a little easier, and increase their independence levels, WIN WIN right!! So as well as keeping their favourite toys together, we have lots of Playmobil and small world toys for example, as well as their book collection. I am planning on using a labelled storage system for the things they need each day. I have so much to remember and I'm sure you do too, PE days, Brownies, Swimming lessons, After School Clubs, it's literally non stop! I am drawn to the IKEA Trofast system pictured here in these stunning kids bedroom and play spaces and the plan is for a 'days of the week' label set as well as labels for all of their favourite toys. I ran lots of polls over on my socials and the Trofast system with it's tubs in various sizes was the all out winner, it certainly appears to have the versatility I am looking for, you can shop the Trofast series here TROFAST Toy Storage Series - IKEA


Another great option though is using shelves or bookcases. As a huge book lover I am a sucker for a bookcase, there are so many amazing options out there too, wall mounted (like the one below) you can get something similar from Great Little Trading Company I love their book caddies Greenaway Narrow Bookcase, White/Natural - Great Little Trading Co. ( or rotating and there's lots to suit varying budgets. These can be used to display toys and books while keeping them organised. You can also add baskets to the shelves to create a designated spot for smaller items and you can decorate them with pretty bunting, soft toys and banners, think educational or something that really shows your little ones personality.

                                           Ikea trofast system in a kids room with wooden leaf detail storage labels

When it comes to storage labels, be sure to use clear and concise language that your child will understand, one word labels tend to work best as the longer the word or the more words you choose the smaller the font will be. Additionally, involve your child in the labelling process to make it more fun and engaging for them.


Overall, finding the right storage solutions and labels can make organising your child's room a breeze. By involving your child in the process and making it fun, you can create a tidy and functional space that both you and your child will love. I've created a selection of wooden storage labels in varying styles to suit lots of different interests, room styles and themes, I hope you love them and that they help make your life a little easier. I've also been busy creating some ready worded labels to save you time and money.

I'd love to see your kids storage solutions and how you label your kids toys and belongings, brownie points for any colour coordinating (it's my not so secret guilty pleasure😉) tag my socials in your pics @boboandthemouse 🫶🏼

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